I know that the strength and resilience of our community is what will help to build long-term sustainable solutions to the problems we face. 

If provided the opportunity to serve you, I will work every single day to do the following for District 6 residents: 

Be your leading advocate and champion for affordable housing and fight to keep families from being displaced.

Far too many of our neighbors; Black, Brown, Elders, people with disabilities, many of whom are some of our most vulnerable residents are being priced out of our community. I am committed to keeping families in their homes in District 6.

We need affordable housing, NOW in District 6, I will work with families, community-based organizations, and city agencies to expedite affordable housing options for Oakland families.   

I have a history of bringing all stakeholders to the table to have serious dialogue and take home results, it is no secret that East Oakland is prime real estate, in the last year Oakland’s cost of housing has went up 12.6% 1-year change and is expected to raise another  6.3% in the following year.

In 2013, one affordable housing development was was built in district 6 with 51 units.

The City of Oakland needs to support and provide education for homeowners and first-time homeowner programs in the district. All residents should have a path to secure homeownership. We need to strengthen first-time homeownership programs, provide increased and intentional access to current residents who want to invest in the community.

Addressing Homelessness

We recently saw that the City of Oakland failed to spend $2.2 million on Anti-Displacement and Homeless Assistance, this is unacceptable. The City of Oakland needs to fix this and ensure these resources are immediately directed to programs that address housing stability.

I will advocate for our city to stop selling land to private corporations and work to find creative solutions to address homelessness. Work to bring solutions to include this growing population back into affordable and livable homes.  Protect renters in District 6 by promoting pro-tenant legislation in the city council, and working with city agencies to protect renters. We must repeal Costa Hawkins in November.

Protect and enhance the quality of life for youth, seniors and people with disabilities


I know firsthand that too many of our youth in Oakland, are being criminalized and persecuted by the very institutions that should be enhancing their quality of life and giving them the resources available to be healthy and successful. Anyone concerned with crime in District 6 must help to reverse the process of criminalization of our youth.

If we want to enhance the quality of life in this district, it starts with giving our youth the tools they need to be healthy and successful.

Long-term investment into accessible and trauma-informed mental health services.

Trauma is real in this community, we need services to help heal our community.

This also includes investment into funding for training transitional aged youth and adult education including but not limited to: job training Programs, teaching financial literacy and making smart investments on programs in East Oakland, that emphasize money management and adult literacy programs.  

In 2016-17 Reading Levels for Black and Brown Children in OUSD showed over 70% being behind reading level. 2016-17 Impact Data shows Black and Brown boys and girls are still suspended at higher rates than their peers. A study led by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office in 2006 revealed that 94% of homicide victims under age 25 had dropped out of high school. OUSD graduates 60% of its district annually, Latino Males lead the district in dropout rates 33%, with Latinas at 22%.

We can increase the quality of life outcomes of East Oakland youth and families by providing, before and after school care, summer programming, and parental education. It should be available in a city when the average working adult works multiple jobs to maintain the cost of living.

Providing training and job pipelines for 21st century jobs:

    • Annual youth job development programs create pipelines to get our youth into the workforce earlier.
    • Connecting youth to community programs and resources available
    • Invest in tomorrow’s leadership and working class.
    • Focused investment in youth employment, mentorship, internships for ages 14-26 yrs. old


As a City we need to invest In EVERY resident - I believe a community is a village and it is everyone’s job to make sure all the children and youth have the tools necessary to thrive. I will be an aggressive advocate for youth and prioritize youth voice in my decision-making process. 


I will advocate for our growing senior population to still be included in our changing city, I will promote outreach activities for families to learn about city programs and resources for seniors. Currently, elders are not being included the decision making in the city they have laid the foundation to thrive. Decisions regarding their communities, housing, employment opportunities, are being cast aside.

The City of Oakland needs to dedicate more resources and specifically, convene a task force dedicated to bridging the generational gaps among Oakland citizens.

People with Disabilities

I will advocate for people with disabilities for policies that will increase employment opportunities and other tools to equip people to live wholesome lives with dignity.

Bring more jobs and economic development opportunities for local small businesses in District 6.

Attract companies that align to the needs of the residents; our community needs a grocery store, more retail shopping areas, and fresh food market. Support existing and build small business incubators that encourage innovation. As mentioned previously, we need to Increase job training and job readiness programs. I will work with the existing businesses who have been in this district to expand and sustain their businesses. Residents of District 6 need non predatory banking and lending options.

Any new development coming to District 6 needs to align to the needs of the community, and decision-making should be inclusive of all residents.

District 6 median incomes by neighborhoods:

        • Leona Heights $54K
        • Millsmont $20K
        • Frick $28K
        • Bancroft/Havenscourt $16,957
        • Hegenburger $12K
        • Arroyo Viejo $13K
        • Coliseum $9,805


Development needs to work for the people of Oakland, not just the developers.


I will work tirelessly, to make District 6 one of the safest communities in Oakland, for me this is personal. Growing up in this community, and witnessing many of my peers impacted by violence, I know my son could easily be a victim of gun violence.  

Oakland spends 41.2% of general fund expenditures on Policing. Our cities budget must shift from incarceration to prioritizing restorative justice based solutions. We need to move from enforcement to prevention. Law enforcement MUST be transparent and accountable to ALL the residents they serve.

Work to build a pipeline for Oakland residents to become law enforcement officers:

  • Investment in breaking down the process of becoming your own law enforcement
  • Direct investment into the neighborhoods most impacted by OPD
  • Access to the diverse jobs available within the Police Department: deskwork, dispatch, forensics


Work to hold officers in our community accountable to all residents needs:

  • Working to serve residents in district 6
  • Invest in community policing tactics
  • Invest in training for marginalized communities’ to have discussions about policing in their neighborhoods  
  • Know Your Rights trainings for residents


Work with the city, other government agencies and community based organizations to provide prevention programs including but not limited to:

  • Restorative Justice
  • Substance Abuse education and prevention
  • Employment opportunities for youth and transitional age youth.

Defend and Protect Immigrant Families in Oakland

ICE is not welcome in Oakland, period. I will work to create a hub to connect immigrants to resources in the community and educating residents on citywide initiatives to fight federal regulations on sanctuary cities.

Demystify the political process for all residents

I will be your leading advocate and navigator to city government, our community is only stronger when more people are informed and participate in civic life. I want all citizens in District 6 to take an active role in shaping our future.

  • We need to register every 16 year old in our community and begin educating them on the civic process as early and as often as possible.
  • Informing returning citizens and formerly incarcerated people about their rights to vote.
  • Hosting regular town hall meetings and information fairs for District 6 residents.


Ensure the infrastructure of District 6 meets our environmental, health, and transportation needs that truly reflect the 21st century.

I will fight to keep our streets safe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, I will work with city agencies, public utility companies, and other entities to keep residents abreast and informed of construction projects, and minimize disruption to ensure residents have peace of mind.

I will bring residents and city agencies together to stop illegal dumping. Dumping in our city is more than ever prevalent in the flatland neighborhoods. Due to constant displacement we need designated dumping areas accessible to those in need.

It is time that we look at gun violence in our city as a public health issue, between 2014-2017 East Oakland accounted for 59 homicides - Gun violence should be solved with bottom up, community driven solutions.

These deaths are related to a multiple factors including stress, access to healthy foods, opportunities to engage in physical activities, and indoor/outdoor quality of air.

According to the East and West Oakland Health Data Existing cumulative health impacts from 2015,  “People living in the Northwest Hills can expect to live one decade or more longer than people living in East Oakland.” East Oakland has higher death rates than both Oakland and Alameda county for heart disease death, stroke death, and lung cancer death. 

I will bring a new generation of leadership to City Hall that is for East Oakland and can only be done by East Oakland. Please join me in this movement to bring truth to power back to the people.